Combination of craftsmanship and advanced technology

Cizeta’s quality starts from the choice of the wood, the upholsteries and the other materials, and then involves all production stages. Craftsmanship, industrial experience and technological research merge into products that provide superior strength and durability, thanks to unique construction techniques, specifically designed to accommodate the necessary aesthetics with the functional and technical qualities of the finished product.

Tested and certified quality and sturdiness of the structures

The Cizeta production is characterized by the excellent quality of its construction: from the selection of the wood to the production technique, passing through the manufacturing stages, all the procedures are carefully studied to offer the maximum sturdiness to the products. The models are designed and developed specifically to respond to the needs of the contract market; in particular all the structures are produced to guarantee their sturdiness over time even when subjected to the intensive and continuous use typical of public environments in the hospitality sector. The manufacturing quality of the products is certified also by Catas, the research and development centre and Italian reference laboratory responsible for testing and analysis in the wood and furniture sector, which has testified to their durability even when subjected to very selective tests.