Respect for the environment in which we live

The commitment to environmental and social sustainability is an essential aspect for Cizeta. Sustainable development is a shared choice and without the possibility of second thoughts.

Our heart is in wood

Wood is a living, warm and natural material that should be managed with intelligence and a sense of environmental responsibility, not to endanger the precious forestry resources of the entire planet. Cizeta products use wood from controlled regrow forests certified by FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), in line with international “green building” standards.

Circular Eco-nomy

We have always strived to optimize products and processes by studying the best solution to minimize the use of materials and energy consumption, with the dual objective of safeguarding the environment and at the same time of maintaining affordable prices. This is complemented by the constant attention paid to waste management and especially to the ecological recycling of wood processing scraps which are given to companies specialized in their reuse.

Clean energy

We use energy-efficient lighting sources and the electricity we use comes largely from renewable energy sources. All this translates into an advantage not only for the climate but also for the economy and society.

Social sustainability

Respect for human and workers' rights, health and safety policies, equal opportunities, support and participation in the activities of the local community have always been cornerstones of the philosophy and daily operation of Cizeta.